Jo's photographs reflect relationships in their casualness. They capture the bond between people, while showcasing each personality. It is by design that Jo does not pose or "portrait" her shoots. She captures people in the moment and shows quirkiness and uniqueness. And therein she seeks out a myriad of shots: happy cartwheels, funky faces, a focused bubble blower, or a time to cozy up!

The photographs are about a happy time, so have a relaxed day. If a toddler is napping or someone takes a little longer to warm up, no worries! Jo schedules only one shoot per day. The photo shoot will be at a location of your choice. It could be at Grandpa's ranch, the neighborhood park or the backyard! Just choose a place that is important to you and your family; the photographs don't just belong to that day, but a time that will invoke happy memories.

The images can certainly be framed, but the collection could also be put together as personalized custom coffee table books. The books make great gifts as well as keepsakes for the family.